Friday, February 1, 2013

5 months ago....

Richard, Kyler, and I had been at my mom's house celebrating Labor Day.  It had been a fun day with cousins and siblings.  The entire weekend I had been in a weird mood.  More than once I had mentioned how much I wish we could adopt from Taiwan again.  Even that day I had mentioned to my mom and sister...."I feel like we should just give up on adopting again....God is going to have to clearly show us what He wants us to do because I am so confused."  My mom and sister really didn't know how to reply.  They were both "wishing" we could adopt from Taiwan again too. 

9 months earlier we were told that we would not be able to adopt from Taiwan because the new laws were really weird and THOGL was no longer adopting to second child families.  We were crushed, frustrated, and confused.  I felt like we had waited to long to pursue adoption again.  If only we had contacted THOGL several years earlier maybe I would get my baby girl.  But God had other plans. After being told "no" by THOGL we told them we appreciated their honesty and that they could take us off the list because we would be praying about other adoption options.  That email broke my heart but we both really felt like God was closing this door. 

Over the next several months Richard and I would still have various converstations about adopting from Taiwan (even in the midst of another country failed adoption attempt), neither of us could shake the longing but we knew we had to find peace in the was out of our hands.

So Labor Day...
After we got home that evening we were all getting ready for the work/school week.  Kyler was in bed fast asleep, Richard was in the living room watching TV, and I was in our bedroom getting ready for bed.  It was 10:30pm.  As I was climbing into bed my phone began to buzz.  It was from a number I didn't recognize, I knew it was an international number but it didn't register.  I almost didn't answer but because it was late I figured it had to be someone we knew and I was praying it wasn't "bad" news.  As soon as I said "hello"....I knew!  The person on the other end didn't even speak yet but I knew it was THOGL calling.  As the converstation began (and I ran into the living room to get Richard on the phone) small talk was made.  I remember thinking is Ted just calling to check in or what is going on?  I honestly was confused until he said...."So the reason that I am calling is because we have a precious 5 week old baby girl that would love for you to be her mommy and daddy".  CUE the ugly snotty nose tears.  I couldn't even talk.  For those of you who know me you know that is nearly impossible!  The next few moments were a a blur as Richard and Ted talked.  I finally got myself together long enough to ask "Are you sure?"  Ted laughed (not quite the response most would probably give).  I was just in so much shock that I thought he had made a mistake.  Over the next 30 minutes we learned details about Kenzie and how the new laws would work.  It was an amazing evening with NO sleep.  Richard and I just laid in bed talking, rejoicing, and thanking God was faithfulness and miracles.

So 5 months......
That is how long ago since we go our referral.  It has been the longest 5 months of my life but some of the happiest 5 months of my life because I know that we are over the half way point.  We will get to bring our sweet baby girl home soon.  And all the glory, honor, and praise will go to God!

Please Pray:
*That we will get our first decree issued before next Friday (that is when the courts close for Chinese New Year)
*After the first decree is issued pray that we will quickly get our second decree issued (this is the point we will be able to go get Kenzie).
*That Kenzie will remain happy and healthy
*That we will enjoy our final days as a family of 3 as we prepare for Kenzie to come home.
*Please pray for our friends who are also on this journey with us.  They have the exact same emotions we have and long to have their babies in their arms soon!
*Finances.....we thought we had all the money we need for our plane tickets but we found out we have to purchase a plane ticket for Kenzie because it is an international flight.  So we are about $500 short.  We are financially maxed out (our first trip tickets cost more than we had planned for) and so we are asking for prayers and help!  

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