Friday, February 15, 2013

We have a due date!!!!  

One of the hardest comments that has been made to me through this process is "well at least you do not have to wait as long as a pregnancy" or "your wait isnt that bad...when you are pregnant you have to wait 9 months".   If you are reading this blog and you have ever said that to an adoptive mommy or have thought about saying it.....either apologies or refrain.  That comment hurts! 
With a pregancy you have an END DATE.  You know that around a certain time (due date) your baby will be in this world, with your family, part of your life.  When you are adopting you have NO IDEA when you will bring your baby home or when you will have an END DATE.  One of the hardest things about adoption is the unknown.  So friends....I ask you....please DO NOT compare it to a is completely different. 

But in saying all of that.....
I actually have a due date!  I know about when I am going to get to see my baby girl again!  PTL!  Richard and I have been praying for the past couple of weeks about when I could return to Taiwan and bring our baby girl home.  Well the courts are not cooperating with us on the paperwork (ha ha) so we changed our prayer.  We began praying that God would open a door so that I could be with our baby girl again soon.  Since the moment I have left Taiwan I have missed it.  I miss the smells, the weather, the people, the orphanage, the babies....but most of all my precious girl Kenzie.  I have been so jealous of the mom's who have gotten to stay in between court and decrees.  But I knew because of Kyler I could not be gone that long.  So.....

This last week my school sent me an email letting me know that they had approved for me to not come back after Spring Break until the end of the year (and still get paid).  They wanted me to have as much time as I could with my baby girl!  Plus with the class that I have this year it would make for an easier transistion.  So that got Richard and I thinking.....what if we could work out the details where I go ahead and go on over to Taiwan during my Spring Break and then spend time there until our adoption is final and I can bring Kenzie home.  We knew a few things would have to work out for Kyler and we also wanted to make sure the orphanage was okay with it, but we got confirmation this morning that it is a GO.  So...

Around March 17 I will be leaving to head to Taiwan to help out the orphange and spend time with our precious baby girl until I get to bring her home.  I am so excited! 

We are still praying that all of our paperwork will come together before then so I can just go for the week, finalize things up, and come home.  But if least I know that I will get to be with her while Richard and Kyler hold down the fort at home!

The biggest obstacle we still face is financial.  It is going to cost more for a plane ticket right now because of a few reasons.  It is Spring Break, I have to get an open ended ticket, and we have to pay for a plane ticket for Kenzie (we'd have to do this regardless of when we go).  We know that God will provide for us.  I would like to be able to book my ticket in the next week or so in hopes of getting a cheaper rate but since it is going to cost more we have to have more time to save (waiting on paychecks).  So the closer that it gets to the time....the higher the tickets go.  So please pray that it will all continue to come together and we can get a great deal on a ticket!

So with all of that said....
Pray for us! 
We are so excited to have a DUE DATE but also trying to trust in God to work out the details!

Love you all!  

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