Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

I had intented to write this post yesterday but we had a fun filled day hanging out with my family and it just didn't happen! 

I am so incredibly excited for the year 2013.  Big and exciting changes for the Jett family! 

This time next week we will have spent an entire day with our sweet baby girl.  We heard from THOGL yesterday and Kenzie's birth mom has been notified of our court appointment and plans to meet us there.  We have so many emotions about that meeting.  Please begin to pray now for us as we meet her BM.  Please pray that she will know our heart and we will be able to communicate our gratitude towards her. 

Nerves are really starting to set in about our trip over....tomorrow I will post more about how we are feeling and how you can specifically pray!  Right now I am going to hang out with my little is his last day of Christmas break and this momma is going to give him my undivided attention!

Kenzie Ann Mei-En Jett
5 months old
Weighs: 16.6 pounds
Length: 23.5 inches long
2 teeth


Giorgianni said...

Such a beautiful picture!!

Elizabeth and Evan Clements said...

Look at those cheeks! Precious.