Friday, January 25, 2013


That is how long it has been since we had our court date.  My life is measured in weeks now...Friday to Friday.  Another reason 2 weeks is significant is that is how many weeks we have until the courts close for 2 weeks because of Chinese New 2 weeks is a bittersweet number to me. 

I am praying that in these next 2 weeks we will be issued our first decree.  I know that it would be super fast in the world of adoption paperwork but because of paperwork that has already been completed in our case it is very possible.  It would just be nice to go into Chinese New Year knowing that the process is almost complete!

Kenzie will be 6 months old on Sunday.  Happy 1/2 Birthday sweet baby girl.  I cannot wait to celebrate many more halves with you! 

Thank you friends and family for your prayers!  This is a journey that is not for the faint of heart....

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