Saturday, January 5, 2013

The craziness is in full swing....

I have not stopped all day.....

Packing, cleaning, making lists, running last minute errands......ready or not baby girl......we are coming!  (I think she is ready...haha!)

Please be praying for us...
We fly out Monday morning.  Our plane leaves at 8:30am, after a layover in Dallas, we leave from LA heading to Taipei at 2:30pm (which is Joplin 4:30pm).  As you head to bed on Monday night please pray for us as we are heading across the pacific ocean to meet our baby girl!  We are so excited. 

We will continue to update daily on this blog so dont forget to check each day!

But here is how you can begin to pray for us:

*Pray for our Social Worker appointment that we will answer the questions honestly and that all will go smoothly
*Pray for our court appointment.....we will meet Kenzie's birth mom at this appointment and we will be standing before the judge answering adoption questions.
*Pray for our time with Kenzie and the bonding that will begin over this short period of time.
*Pray for our time at THOGL that we can be a help to Ted and Bev and the babies that are there.
*Pray that our paperwork will be processed VERY QUICKLY and that I can travel back very soon to bring her home! 

Thank you so much friends for joining us on this journey!

 Love you all :)

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Giorgianni said...

Praying!!! You are getting closer and closer!!