Monday, August 2, 2010

$10 Challenge

In deciding to go to K and in all the preparation there is one main lesson that G has been teaching me: Sacrifice. I have been learning to sacrifice my plan for His purpose and my things for His task. One would think that having been in M for 6 years that I had learned this lesson. But somewhere along the way I began compromising by following my desire instead of His Spirit. Then in November of last year He began to stir His Spirit within me letting me know that I was not where He wanted me to be. He was calling me to something else, but I refused to take time to listen because I was comfortable. I was where I wanted be; doing what I wanted to do. Like Jonah I set out to run as far as I could from the still voice and like Jonah G showed me grace by disciplining me (without the fish) and bringing me back to a place where I willingly surrendered to whatever His will might be for me…for us.

I never thought serving overseas for a year was in His plans for us, but here we are preparing to leave for K in two weeks. In this short time of preparation G has been teaching us, but especially me, the joy and peace in surrendering to Him and making the necessary sacrifices. The way He has worked through His people to provide for us has been amazing.

  • The day we sent out the call for school supplies people from across the nation have been helping us get all the supplies we will need.
  • All of the one time gifts we asked for specifically in our support letter have been answered.
  • We have $1,100 of our $1,500 monthly support raised.

We thank G for all that have helped us and that are standing beside us. We praise G for working through everyone and that they were sensitive enough to His Spirit to obey and make sacrifices to so that we might be a witness to those in K.

We do not take these sacrifices lightly. In fact in preparing to go we are making sacrifices wherever we can. For instance we are selling both of our vehicles. I never thought I would sell my truck, but I am so that I can lower the price of our other car so it might sell before we leave. What will we do when we return? We don’t know, but we trust that the sacrifice is worth it and G will provide. Our time of sacrificing doesn’t end in two weeks when we fly to K either. Once we get to K we will be faced with sacrifice everyday like not having the convenience of a Wal-Mart on every corner or a car to use when we need to make a quick run.

But all the sacrifices are worth it, because G is closes when we sacrifice in order to serve Him. He is worth it to us. Knowing Him and making Him known is our greatest desire, and by sacrificing it leads to greater dependence on Him. Sacrifice puts us in a spot where if He does not come through we are doomed. And Scriptures tells us again and again that G loves to show off by providing for His people.

So let me ask you questions that have shaken me to the core of my being: Is He your greatest desire? Is being as close to Him as possible what you long for more than anything else? If so what do you need to sacrifice?

Could it be that supporting us for $10 a month for the next year would be a sacrifice for you? We are $400 a month away from our needed to support. But if 40 people would be willing to support us for the next year at $10 a month we would be at our needed support.

This might mean that every month you will have to sacrifice:

  • Two drinks at Starbucks
  • Eating out 1 meal
  • Subscription to NetFlix
  • Going to the Movies
  • Buying your favorite comfort food

But in that sacrifice I think you will find what Tiffany and I are finding out…G is closer than you think. You just have to make the necessary sacrifice. Will you?

For Him,


If you want to answer to the $10 Challenge please email us at
Information on where to send checks and how to fill them out is found at the bottom of the Support Letter Blog (Click Here).

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