Sunday, August 22, 2010

An Update!

Mirdita! (Hello!)

Si Je? (How are you?)

I decided to share a little of the Albanian that I have been learning with you! We have realized that it is a very hard language to learn (there are 36 letters in their alphabet) but we will take it a day at a time. :) Tomorrow we are start at the school. We have one week of training and work in the classroom and then the students come next Monday, Aug. 30. We are very excited to get started. We are also blessed because we know that Kyler will be in good hands. We met our "nanny" on Friday. She is going to be such a blessing to us. She loves the L very much and she and Kyler already hit it off. We are so thankful! We P that it will continue to be a good situation. She is a from a village about an hour (by bus) from us and she will take the bus in each morning. She is the only member in her family who will be working and providing a wage for them to live on. Her parents are not C....but her sister and brother are. Her brother attends college in the states (on scholarship) at CCU. She told me on Friday she would love to come to the states to attend college because she would like to be a doctor (or nurse) but it is too expensive. I am going to begin to P now that G will make a way for her. Will you join me? For the past 4 years in school she study pharmacy and is going to be taking a test next month that would allow her to come to the states if she wanted.

We had the amazing opportunity of attending church this morning here in the city. It was much like our church service back at home....familiar songs and great teaching. It was a bit difficult to follow at times because of the service being translated but we felt so comfortable and it was great to lift our voice in praise to our father in English, while they sang in Albanian.

We have a praise.....RICHARDS LUGGAGE WAS FOUND! While we were at church this morning our vice principal got a phone call from the airport saying that they had it. PTL! We were so happy.

We do have one need that has been brought to our attention that we would like to share with you. We hate to ask for more, since many of you have already given SO much. They had told us that each teacher would need a computer in their classroom to take role, lunch count, and do lesson plans on, so Richard and I thought that we could just share one. Unfortunately that is not going to work. Our classrooms (as of now) are not even on the same level and there is no way that we can each take role and lunch count each morning on one computer. It was also decided that Richard is going to teach the students in his Speech class how to use Powerpoint with their speeches and so he would need a computer in his room almost daily to be able to teach this concept. We thought that maybe the school would have an extra, but found out today that there are not any computers available for our use. So we need to purchase a new computer. We are going to talk to the IT guy at our school tomorrow but there is a DELL store here in K that we can purchase a computer from (and we would still be able to use it in the US). The rough estimate cost for a fully-equipped computer here is about $500.....they are considerably cheaper here than in the US. We ask that you would take some time to P about giving towards this need? Or maybe you could ask your church to take up a love offering to cover this need? We feel very humbled by all of your generosity so far and know that it is only by G grace that we are here getting to serve here.

How you can P?
*That we sale our car in America.
*Kyler and his relationship with our "nanny"
*G will supply us with a computer
* we begin the new school year tomorrow.
* they prepare to come back to school.

We love you all very much!

Faleminderit! (thank you)

The Jett's

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