Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To the supermarket I go.....

Finally after a week of eating whatever we can find at our corner market I was able to take a taxi and go out to our BIG supermarket. It was a great experience....and probably quite comical to those watching. I went with 2 other teachers from the school. Richard stayed home with Kyler because I needed to be able to focus.....focus??....yes, focus! Do you realize how hard it is to grocery shop when you do not know one bit of the language?....it is crazy. In the states grocery shopping typically takes me 30-45 minutes...depending on how much I have to get. Here it takes double that. I am slowly starting to learn and THANK GOODNESS for pictures but...wow...it is a job in itself! Anyways....I was able to get enough stuff to hopefully last us 2 weeks. We might be eating the exact same thing each night....but we wont starve :)

The first week of orientation at the school is going great. I have felt a bit overwhelmed but I know that G is watching over us and that we will get everything accomplished! I am excited to meet my students next week and get the year in full swing!

I also wanted to give an update on our "computer fund". We have $125 of the $500 that we need to purchase a new computer. Please consider joining us in this effort?

We are all doing well! We love K and look forward to the weekend so we can do a bit more exploring around the city. We have a holiday on Sept 9 and 10 so we plan to go out to the village to stay with our "friends" for a night or two. We are REALLY looking forward to that!

Please continue to P that we sell our car!

Love you all!


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Danielle said...

was catching up on your last blogs and didn't realize I had to read in "code"...ha! So glad for you guys that prayers are being answered and you're seeing God at work. But, we didn't have much doubt. Praying daily! LOVE you!