Thursday, August 19, 2010

We have arrived....

Wow...what a crazy past few days we have had. To say we are tired is the understatement of the year. We arrived in K on Tuesday night 11:35pm as planned. The flights were very smooth and Kyler did GREAT. He is such a trooper! The 9 hour layover in Croatia was a bit LONG....but we had the opportunity to meet a girl (she is 25 years old) that was from K but now lived in Sweden (to study). She was not a believer but we had a great conversation with her....we even taught her a fun American card game. She loved it and we loved having her to visit with and pass the time. Unfortunately we do have one thing for you to P about....Richards suitcase was lost in travel and we still have not received it :( We have no idea when it will arrive. The fortunate thing was that Richards suitcase had been over the weight limit and so I had to pack several of his jeans and shirts in my suitcase so he has had some clothing to wear and we just went to our local store and bought him the other necessities.

Yesterday we went around town and pick up a few things for our apartment. We love where we are living. Our landlord is very nice and helpful and we are in a very convenient location. It has been a bit more expensive than we originally thought to get the necessities for our home but it will all work out! Today we got to go see the school. It is so nice. We will find out on Monday where are classrooms are.....but we met several of the other teachers and we are very excited about the team we will be working with.

Something very cool about are apartment is, is that we live behind a church. It is a C church and we are going to attend there on Sunday. We met one of the couples that "work" there. They are so nice and our age. They are both from K, but speak very good English. The wife is also pregnant and due in I am excited to be here for the birth of the baby! Get my baby fix :) We do plan on going to church with our "friends" that introduced us to K but they are still in the states and that church it is about an hour away so we will probably only go once or twice a month. We will just have to see how all that works out!

Our first impressions of K are good. Prishtina is a very busy city. The roads are bad, there is ALOT of construction, and we do not understand what anyone is saying to us....but we feel

Okay this is SOO random...but our landlord just came into our apartment and said something in Albanian and left with our stove. Richard and I are laughing because we have NO idea what just happened. Anyways....back to our impressions...oh wait he is coming back in. I guess he just bought us a new stove AND refrigerator. Wow....we thought the stove worked great. Our old fridge was small (it was the size of the one I had in my college dorm room) but apparently because of the "baby" (Kyler) they wanted us to have nicer stuff. Wow, another blessing.

Okay back to impressions (for real).....we feel very blessed and know that it is by G grace that we are here and that we get to serve here. We know THERE WILL be hard times...(I cried myself to sleep the first night) but we also know that there will be good times. We are just so thankful that we get to experience this as a family and we thank each of you for being a part of this journey with us!

Please P for us!
*We still need to sale our car in the states.
*We meet our "nanny" tomorrow....we hope it is a good situation for all.
*Our family and attacks that will be brought against us.
*Students at our school
*Teachers at our school

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