Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Support Letter!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope this letter finds you well and having a great summer! Our summer has been full of changes and it has been so exciting to see where G is leading us. A professor of Richard’s once said, “It is easier for G to steer a moving car than a parked one.” That statement has never become more true to us than this past week at the NACC. It was a great time of spiritual refreshment and renewal for our family. G began to work on our hearts and opened a new door for us. Early in the week we where approached by M John and Ruth Chesnut (no relationship to Tiffany) about coming to K for a year to teach in the school that they started. We laughed at the idea and both thought “we would never go overseas”. (One thing we have both learned is to never say never.) Throughout the rest of the convention we continued to feel G tug at our hearts and He kept bringing this idea of going to K to our minds. We had the opportunity to sit down with the M and we were very excited and encouraged about what was going on in K, in particular at the school. So we began to pray and ask G to open doors and He quickly did. After much prayer, sleepless nights, and wise counsel we decided to accept the call and travel to K to commit to one year of teaching at Prishtina High School. Tiffany will be teaching basic level and pre-Algebra math and Richard will be teaching various elective courses.
K is a Muslim country located north of Macedonia and Greece and to the east of Albania. It is about the size of Connecticut with a population of 2 million people. We will be living in the capital city of Pristina (Prishtina).
In setting out on this new adventure we will have to raise a small amount of support. We will need approximately $1500 a month to live in K (which seems like a very small amount for a family of three). In writing this letter we are asking that you please partner with us as we prepare to serve.

Here are ways you can support:
The adjustment for our family to a new country
Protection from spiritual attacks against our family
The students at the school and the relationships we build with them
A caretaker for Kyler while we are teaching
The K people -- that their hearts are open to the message of JC.
Giving a monthly gift to help us meet our monthly living expenses of $1500
(August 2010-August 2011).
Giving a one time gift to offset several immediate expenses.
*Kyler’s passport-$160
*Various Traveling Expenses-$500
*Immediate expenses to set up our home in Kosova-$300
*Medical Insurance for our entire family for the whole year-$1200

If you choose to help us financially we thank you from the depths of our hearts and would like to encourage you to not just write a check once a month, but to say a P for us and the K people as you write it. We know that this letter comes with a sense of urgency because we will be leaving the country mid-August (our training begins on August 23 and school begins on August 30), so please do not hesitate to call or email if you have any questions. We will also be blogging about our journey to and in K at www.thejetts.blogspot.com. Please join us on this exciting adventure!

Following HIM,

Richard, Tiffany, and Kyler Jett

Send financial support to:
Forwarding Agent:
Janet E. Bates
1880 N. King Rd.
Marion, Indiana 46952

All monies given are tax deductible:
Please make checks payable to: UCC and write K (the name of the country) in the memo (please do not put our names on the memo)

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Marina said...

Wow! I'm so excited for your family and the way He has brought you to this point. I will commit to praying for you and your needs during this year. Congratulations as you move forward....may you continue to see Him at work in you and through you!