Saturday, July 24, 2010

3 weeks....and counting....

We cannot believe that we leave the country in about 3 weeks. There are so many "things" that need to come together. We where so blessed by the outpouring of support we got for school supplies. We had several generous donations (2 churches are asking for supplies at their weeks of VBS) and several sent supplies as well as donations for us to purchase supplies so our classrooms should be set.

We continue to raise our financial support ($350 of the $1500 we need has been committed). It is very scary but we are putting our full trust in G that the support will come in over the next 3 weeks. If you haven't already...will you please pray about supporting us on a monthly basis? $10, 20, 50, 100, 200??? Every bit helps!! We still feel such a peace about going to K and in that peace we have to trust. We were recently asked....what will you do if the support doesnt come in?? Well we are choosing not to entertain that question (or at least until we absolutely have too). :)

We did get a call today from the Passport Administration wanting to speak with "the parents of Kyler Jett". We weren't by the phone so they left a message. We tried to call back but the offices wont be open again until Monday. We are P that their is not a set back with Kyler's passport. Since he is adopted we had to submit several extra pieces of paperwork. The lady at the post office said everything was we are P they called just to verify information.

We head out tomorrow for a week in Knoxville. We will be going through our storage unit to get what we will need for the next year and to also spend some time with Richard's sister Rachel and her boyfriend Josh. We are very excited about this visit!

Please continue to P for the sell of our car and for our monthly support raising! If you have any questions or need more information please email us at

Much love to you all,
Richard, Tiffany, and Kyler

Here are some ideas for financial support that we stole from another M. If you do not think you can support a M or M group once a month try doing one (or several) of these...
--Support in a group effort (take up an offering as a sunday school class or a small group, that way each couple or person only has to give $5-10 a month)
--Send your Starbucks allowance :)
--Don't eat out one time during the month and send what you would spend
--Hold a garage sale or bake sale in our honor and send us the proceeds
--Cut the cable on your TV or internet on your phone and send your monthly payment (we have decided not to have TV in our home while in K....we challenge you to do the same for a year)
--Step out on faith that G will provide and commit to giving a gift!

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