Monday, December 24, 2012

The baking is done.....the presents are wrapped....I am finally ready for Christmas.  This year is different than ever before.  My family is spread acrossed a HUGE pond.  Early on in the adoption of Kenzie we had prayed for a Christmas miracle.  We had prayed that we would have her home by tomorrow.  We quickly realized that, that wasn't going to happen.  Yes, we continued to pray but realistically we knew it wasn't going to happen.  So tomorrow I will wake up with various emotions.  Sad because my prayer was not answered in the way I had hoped, but excited because in 2 weeks I will finally get to hold my precious Kenzie in my arms. 

We found out a little more information about our process today.  Since our BM report is done the judge could actually issue us our first decree on the spot and we could begin the quick wait (about 2 weeks) for our final decree and AIT appointment but we were assured that, that probably will not happen.  We do believe in miracles and it would be amazing to be able to bring her home that we will pray for that.  But we also have to remain realistic.  We were told every other couple has had to wait at least 5 weeks from the time the BM report was done and given to the judge before the judge has issued a first decree and then it is typically another 2 weeks after first decree before we can actually bring her home.  So from our court date around 7 weeks is a realistic time frame (end of Feb.).  We will continue to pray for sooner and ask you to join with us!  God knows!  .

We are slowly beginning to prepare for our flight over.  We called the airlines today to check on some baggage issues and I have started to make a "pile" of stuff that we will take.  Richard is working on her room this evening....setting up a shelf that I bought.  It is so exciting to see all this pink, girly stuff in my house!  I NEVER thought this day would happen!!!!  I will post pics of her room as soon as it is done!

God has truly blessed us this holiday season.  Although we wished our sweet Kenzie was home with us....we know we are still blessed to have her and are excited for the memories we will create with her very soon! 

Love you all.....
Thank you for the prayers and PLEASE keep them coming! 

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