Friday, December 21, 2012

I love Christmas! I love the holiday season and this year is a special one.  It will be our last as a family of 3.  We are so excited to welcome Kenzie into our forever family and we cannot wait until she is home with us.....but God has been working on my heart.  I realize that I need to live in today.  God holds the future and as much as I want to figure it out....mold it into my desires....or plan it on my own.  If I truly trust in an almighy God that means I have to trust in Him in EVERYTHING...not just when it is convienent for me. 

This has been so hard with our adoption process to Kenzie.  It is so easy to compare our case to other cases.  To wonder why "they are moving" and we are not.  But just in the past week God has began to show me exactly what has been going on.  We have received very positive news for THOGL and how our process is going.  We still do not know exactly when God will allow us to bring Kenzie home...but we have hope.  Just a few weeks ago I was in a really bad spot.  I was crying out to God, pleading, and begging Him to give me answers.  He did!  It wasn't the timing that I wanted...but He gave us answers! 

Several have asked when we will get to bring Kenzie home after court.  At this point we have no idea.  We asked THOGL what they thought and they gave us their opinion but they also do not know. For the majority of the couples who are home it has taken 2 months after their court appearance to bring  home their baby or get their first decree.  One couple actually took 3 months.  But because our process is being done a bit different we have been told our "long" waiting was done before court (10 weeks) so we remain very positive that it will be in God's perfect timing.  We know we will lose a week during Feburary because of Chinese New Year.  But we are praying that the Lord will show us favor and process everything before that week (this is very wishful thinking). 

Kenzie will be 5 months in 6 days!!!  We had hoped to have her home by 6 months.  At this point we know that, that will not happen.  But that's okay!  God has given us a huge peace about her age. 

We are so thankful for this time in our life and we know that God has us exactly where He wants us!  We know that it is going to be so hard to leave Kenzie...but we also know that God will reunite us very soon and when that day comes we will give HIM all the glory!

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