Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 5 - Lil Miss Son-Shine

I met Savannah, the owner of Lil' Miss Son-Shine Boutique, years ago when we went to high school together (she was in my sister's grade).  It wasn't until we started to attend our church that we have reconnected.  Savannah has been a HUGE support in our adoption process.  We have been so blessed by her and her family. 

Savannah started Lil' Miss Son-Shine Boutique because with all of her husbands deployments (thank you Micah for all you do for our country) it made it almost impossible for her to carry a job and care for their 3 children. So she started crafting so that she could cover the gaps of income during and after his deployments. Her business motto is, Making Every Little Girl Feel Like a Princess". Savannah does an amazing job of making her boutique items very affordable and practical.

There are several items in our auction that where donated by Lil' Miss Son-Shine Boutique!  We are excited to share Savannah's amazing items with you and can't wait to get the bids rolling!

Thank you Savannah for all of your donations and support to our family!
You have blessed us!

PS.  If you live in the Joplin area Savannah has also expanded her business to making/decorating cakes!
Check out these cupcakes she made!  SO cute!

Adoption Auction goes LIVE on Monday (June 11) at 10am.  Bidding ends on Friday (June 15) at midnight.  Spread the word!

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