Sunday, June 10, 2012

Antique Window Frames

This antique/vintage frame is a fun and creative way to decorate!  There are so many ideas on Pinterest that these frames can be used for.

Available: 6 frames with unbroken panes
4 frames with 1 or 2 broken panes

On your bid please specify how many you want and if you want unbroken or broken.
Top bidder gets first selection of frame(s).  Some frames have more or less color.

Starting Bid:
$15.00 (unbroken panes) each
$8.00 (broken panes) each

Donated By
Julie Gordon


Matt said...

4 unbroken- $15 each Matt Harenza

Cady Bunch said...

2 unbroken -$15 - Tammy Cady (Joplin)

Anonymous said...

4 broken - $8 each
Emily Fish

Jen said...

2 broken - $10 each

Cindy B. said...

2 broken pane windows $12.00

Brooke said...

4 unbroken-$16 each