Sunday, June 10, 2012

Imperfect Pot 2

The Imperfect Pot

The imperfect pot is created while working on the potter’s wheel. While building some of the pots; some pots would begin to fall. When a pot falls, the potter throws it in a bucket among the others – as ruins. As I began to discard the falling pot – the Holy Spirit spoke to me, “Don’t throw it away; I am speaking through the imperfections of this pot.” Instead of throwing the pots away I began to keep them, write words on them and glaze them. Each pot is different in its identity and purpose; I believe they represent us.

It is the purpose of this imperfect pot to minister to you and remind you of God’s love and His desires for you even if you feel unworthy.
The imperfections we try to toss away or count as curses are often the very blessings that God wants to show us. In all of our imperfections – He loves us. He is the only perfect “One” and I pray He shines through your imperfections. I hope this imperfect pot remindes you of His love and ministers to you.
Blessings, Elizabeth T. Cosby (artist)
John 3:29-30

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