Monday, September 17, 2012

This weekend was one of the busiest weekends we have had in a long time....but we loved every minute of it!  

Friday night I got to go out with some fellow THOGL momma's for a Girl's Night Out!  It was so fun to eat, chat, and talk about our precious children.  Then on Saturday morning Kyler and I got to meet up with April and Lilli Chism for a swim date (at their hotel) and lunch at Chick Fil A.  April is one of those friends that I love dearly.  She is a fellow adoptive mommy and seeing her with Lilli inspires me to be a better mommy.  She has truly become a kindred spirit and I am so glad that we finally got to meet in person!  Next time...I am going to her!  She lives in Portland, OR.  I have never been there and would love to visit that part of the country!  

Then that Saturday evening we got to meet up with over 100 members of our THOGL family!  Families came from OR, NY, IN, TN, KS, and MO to reunite our precious children!  God has truly blessed us with such an amazing group of people.  We truly thank God everyday for Ted and Bev Skiles and THOGL.  Our family is complete because of them! 

THOGL children that were at the reunion

Kyler and a couple of his buddies!  The little guy in the middle was a boy that was a crib mate of Kyler's at THOGL!

We are already looking forward to the CNY 2013 celebration to see some of our best friends again!

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