Monday, October 4, 2010


The following is an email we sent out to our monthly supporters! But I attached it here so I wouldn't have to write it out again! So obviously a lot has changed since my last post on the blog. We decided to go to Thessaloniki, Greece to have the surgery to remove my gallbladder. Here is what happened today when we went to the hospital. (I was SOO nervous and very uneasy about having surgery in another country but Richard and I pryed G would give us very clear signs if he wanted me to have the surgery here...and boy did HE ever!)


Just wanted to let you all know we made it to Greece safely. It was a beautiful drive down here and Richard and I enjoyed talking and prying. We got to the hospital and the director (yes, as in the CEO, president, we would call it in the US) of the hospital wanted to personally meet with us and talk about my situation and my possible care. The first question he asked us was "are you m*ss*onar*es?" I answered yes and he said "I appreciate what you do so much". This was totally unexpected, he began to tell me a story of one of his best friends and how he used to be a "M". Anyways....he then asked what exactly was wrong. I told him and he immediately called a Gastronologist/Liver Specialist to meet with me. (We later found out that, that doctor had been in surgery when the director called him and told him to quickly finish the procedure because he had a high priority case for him to attend too....that high priority was me). So I met with the doctor and he calmed every nerve that I had. He was VERY knowledgeable about my liver condition and working with the gallbladder. He actually has treated a few people with my same liver issues and he strongly urged me to seek a second opinion in the US. I left his office feeling very confident and so happy...I am going to finally feel better!
Tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 9am I meet with the surgeon to get my surgery time. They told me to go ahead and we are hoping they do the surgery tomorrow afternoon. I am also going to meet with a Urologist about my kidney stones. The liver doctor was concerned that I am getting them so frequently and he wants me to meet with the Urologist so he can blast the ones I currently have and maybe do some exploring to find out why I am continually getting them.
So that is what we know for now. I am going to bed tonight very hopeful! Thank you so much for your pryers. We will send out another email tomorrow letting you know where we are at and what is happening!

Love you all,

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