Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day of the Surgery

Hey Everyone,
First off I would like to thank everyone for their prayers and would appreciate the prayers as Tiffany continues to recover. Here is how the day played out:
We got to the hospital around 7am and we went to her room where they got her ready. Around 8:20 they came and picked Tiffany up and took her to surgery. It was at this time that I found out there was no WiFi in the hospital (that's what I get for assuming). So I texted a friend to update my Twitter/Facebook. Kyler and I proceeded to wait in the room we found Mickey Mouse Club House and Jungle Junction in Greek on one of the stations...then later on I found the Greek version of Dora the Explorer except she had a dragon the cartoons made Kyler's day.
Around 10:30 the surgeon came by to tell me that they were all done and everything went amazing. He then handed me a jar with two tiny stones in them...yup...her gallstones (great souvenirs). He also handed me a DVD of the whole surgery (Somebody say Movie Night?).
An hour later Tiff came to the room. She proceeded to rest the remainder of the day. When she would come to because of the pain medicine she would say some pretty funny stuff. Being the loving husband that I am...I egged it on. I asked her if I could share the top two remarks...she agreed (whether she realizes it or not).
#1- The Oxygen reading wasn't coming in right but then they switched fingers and it was normal. So I told her that was the problem and she said, "The doctor said to be here at 6pm. I told him we were at Taco Bell (She HATES Taco Bell)...I don't know about the egg...Kyler LOVES scrambled eggs!"
#2- All of a sudden she looked at me and said, "I would rather stay at a hotel right on the sea. It is to far to walk from here."
So those were the fun things. However as good as she is doing she is still super nervous and I hated leaving her there tonight. While the staff is amazing we are still in a foreign country and that is always a little unsettling no matter how state of the art the hospital is. So we appreciate your prayers and love.
We will keep you informed as she recovers.

PS I will be posting pics of the stones and more on facebook asap.

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Richard and Tiffany said...

Two more funny comments that Tiff made today,"There was this big curtain that opened and there were people standing up on there. But we don't have to stay if u don't want to."

Then she woke up from dozing off to say, "If they don't already have a girl scout troop I might start one."

I said, "Sounds great honey you should do it."