Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Home Study

The house has been baby proofed, it has been cleaned from top to bottom, and all the necessary paperwork is in order.  All this so that some person can come tell us we are acceptable people and have an acceptable home to raise a child. 
At times Richard and I have almost thought this is such a comical step.  Of course we get it.....they want to make sure we have money and can provide (emotionally, physically, spiritually) for a child.....it is just something that has to be done but it can still be quite comical.  I mean come on....if they really want to see "how we live" they need to show up unexpected around 5:30 each day when my house is cluttered with toys and tents, the kitchen looks like something exploded in it, Richard is just getting home from work, and we are attempting to get out the door on our way to one of the many activites that our family enjoys.  Yep....then they would see the "real" Jett household.  But instead.....I dust things that havent been dusted since we moved into our house, I organize items that I have been hiding behind a closet door, and make sure that my house smells like homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Yep....quite comical :) 
But regardless...today is the day!  We are so excited to be one step closer to bring home our baby girl! 

Many of you have asked if we have heard anything else from St. Vincent.  I promise that I will post as soon as things are a bit more legal :) 

****Remember to check back often for details about our adoption auction.  June 11-15!****

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April said...

:) We know that feeling! I hope it all went well. I made chocolate chip cookies before ours too!