Friday, April 27, 2012

Don't you love it when....

...a plan comes together??????

One week ago I had the privilege of introducing two of my best friends!  Jen and Shannon.  I love these two girls so much!  Jen and I met in high school and Shannon and I met when we both adopted our first children from Taiwan.  Recently God has meshed these two friendships together!  Jen and Shannon are both currently adopting from Africa so we all had dinner together last week so they could talk process, travel, country and etc.  Because of my friendship with both gals I was the lucky one that got to tag along!
We talked about so many "cool" things.  We prayed, dreamed, and hoped for our families.  We cried, got frustrated, and pleaded that things would come together soon.  As we sat there for 4 hours (I think our husbands started to wonder if we were ever coming  home) "Inter Country Adopt-Joplin" was born. 
"Inter Country Adopt-Joplin":
We have just started out as a facebook page but hope that it will turn into so much more!  We want a safe place for families in the Joplin area to connect, chat, cry, plea for prayer, and experience life with other families who have also adopted.  But most importantly we want a place where we can connect our precious adopted children.  In the one week since this website has been born we have 43 members who have adopted from or are currently adopting from China, Ethiopia, Taiwan, Ghana, DR-Congo, and Vietnam.  ISN'T GOD AWESOME???!??! 

We aren't sure where this group is going to lead, but we are excited to see!  We are planning a BIG event for the Fall 2013 and possible smaller events between now and then.  Plus I was just contacted by "Inter Country Adopt-Springfield" about doing an event together!  So cool!!

If you want to know more about Jen's adoption journey click here.
If you want to know more about Shannon's adoption journey click here.
If you want to know more about my adoption journey......stay tuned :)   

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Carr525 said...

I would like to live in Joplin. To be your real life friend. And hang out with your real life friend, Jen...and my real life friend, Sarah. Sounds good, right?!