Tuesday, November 2, 2010


For some reason since I have been in K there has been one thing that has constantly been on my mind and that is ADOPTION. Adoption is something I am very passionate about....it has been something that I have always been passionate about. I remember when Richard and I first started dating and the topic of children came up. (At this point in our relationship we did not know that G had chosen adoption for us as a way to have a family.) But we were both totally in sync. We knew that no matter what at some point in our married life we would want to adopt at least one child. Now looking back.....G was preparing our hearts for what lay ahead!

Richard and I have often talked about the adoption of a second child (a little girl) but for various reason...and Gd's perfect timing...it has not worked out yet. We have seen many of our friends who we adopted Kyler with adopt their second babies and it has been hard but we continue to wait on the Ld and HIS will for us. So until then I have been praying about how Gd could use this burning in my heart.

Everyday on our way to and from school we pass by an orphanage here in K. It is ran by Germans. This morning on our way to school I told Richard that I would love an opportunity to just go their and hold babies. One of the other teachers heard me say that and he said you should talk to our Vice Principal she has connections there....so I did. So tomorrow afternoon myself and our Vice Principal are going to meet with the director of the orphanage to discuss how I can serve there. I am so excited!!! Now many of you are probably thinking...."she is totally going to fall in love with one of those babies and want to bring it home"....yes that probably will happen BUT sadly K has very strict adoptions laws and the chances of us ever being able to adopt a baby from K are slim to none. My purpose in going to this orphanage is not so that I can scope out the babies, it is because I have a passion for the orphaned children of the world and if I can shed a little love into just a few of their lives....then my "mission" is complete.

I am so excited to walk you through this journey with me over the next several months. Prayerfully everything will work out tomorrow and I will begin to serve there very soon! I am so thankful that Richard see's this passion in my and is in total support of me volunteering some time each month to this orphanage.

Please pray for me and for the children!
As I close out this post I want to leave you with one thought....

"Lord Jesus, break my heart for what breaks yours"


Joyce Denson said...

That's awesome! I am looking forward to hearing your stories of the sweet children that you will be sowing seeds of God's love into. Blessings to you and your family as you share the love of Jesus.

Jennifer said...

I am dying to hear how it went...please update!! Also, have you ever read Silent Tears by Kay Bratt? It's a good non-fiction read about a lady who volunteered at an orphanage in China. You should read it if you haven't! :) Love ya!