Saturday, September 11, 2010

Top 10 things I will never take for granted again....

So after being here in K for almost 4 weeks there are several things that I will NEVER-EVER take for granted again.

10. Having a car....we love walking for the exercise but not everything is in walking distance and taxi's can get expensive.
9. Bathtub...we only have a shower and it makes bathing Kyler VERY difficult (I am typically drenched by the end of the whole ordeal and I am pretty sure our neighbors think that we are beating him.)
8.Walmart/Target....I miss the one stop shop on every street corner!
7.Dryer (we have to hang out all of our clothing or drape it in our living room if the weather is nasty)
6.Dishwasher (not that I mind washing dishes...but I will never take a dishwasher for granted again)
5. Drive thru's, delivery, and take out food. We are spoiled to get this kind of service in the US.
4. Being able to drink water from the is getting quite expensive to keep drinking water in our house...for those of you who know my husband he is a VERY heavy drinker :)
3.My bed (mattress) back has continually been hurting since I have been here...they dont really have mattresses.
2. A crushed ice Diet Dr. Pepper (from Sonic, QT or Babes)...there is no explanation for this...I just really miss it!
1. Being able to call my family and friends anytime I want too! I miss them all so much!

I obviously can live without all of these things (well #1 is debatable) BUT I miss them all terribly and when we do return to the states I will praise G for them daily!!! :)

Love you all,

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PC said...

Don't forget Chik Fil-A also has Diet Dr Pepper, which basically gets at about 3-4 things on this list...sorry...