Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our adoption process is FINALLY complete! 
We got an email this morning that our Final Decree had arrived yesterday at THOGL!  Kenzie is 100% legally ours and nothing can change that!  We are allowed to bring her home!

In the email Ted said that it had been a whirlwind day.  When he received our final decree, he quickly got Kenzie to Taipei to get her passport and then made an appointment so Bev could take her tomorrow to get her final visa physical!  These are just the mandatory steps that must happen before we have our AIT appointment and can leave the country!

I am so excited that our process is done!  It has been a long, frustrating, painful process at time....but totally worth it.  God is good and His timing is perfect (even though most of the time it didn't line up with mine...haha!)

So the rest of the week for our family here in the states is going to be crazy!  Tomorrow night the wonderful teachers I work with our throwing me a shower, Friday night we have Kyler's 6th birthday party, Saturday we are hanging out as a family of 3 for the final time, and then I leave on Sunday!  Phew.....when will I pack??!?!???  So if anyone wants to come over and clean my house or help me organize life....feel free!  :)

Please continue to pray for bonding between Kenzie and I.
Please continue to pray for our traveling....that all goes smoothly and that Kenzie and I don't cry too much!! :)


The Tripletts said...

Congratulations Tiff! I can't wait to see more pictures of your little beauty! I will be praying for safe travels and good bonding!

Kylie said...

God is just great now isn't he. :) So excited for you and your expanding family!!!

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